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      Company culture

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      Business Vision

      Priority mode, generous welfare, social desirability, viability lasting.

      Corporate Mission

      Committed to serving the connector industry.

      The spirit of enterprise

      Because survival beyond, because beyond and symbiotic development strategy, rooted in Dongguan, global services.

      Management Thought

      Understand the nature of the industry, improve attention system, everything seek integration with incentives;

      Pay attention to economic efficiency, attention to survive connotation, everything to seek cooperation and development. There are rules to follow, well-founded;

      Methodical, so that the line has;

      Responsive, beginnings and ends, in the effort to ensure the quality of the premise of promoting cost advantage.

      Tel: +86-769-85448887 / 89253355 / 85845730  Fax: +86-769-85340378  Address: No. 10, Union Road, 4th Industrial Zone, Xiagang Community, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City
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