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      Dongguan Xiangyun Connector Co., Ltd founded in 2006, registered trademarks XYDZ, voted to build the factory in southern Taiwan electronic computer information industry is most concentrated in Chang'an, Dongguan. Special efforts engaged in electronics, battery connector, mobile phones, laptops connectors, precision terminal manufacturing and processing business. Since its establishment, based on professional. Good quality, quick delivery service to win customers agree. Special ultra-thin ultra-small connector has introduced, the product development cycle constantly refreshed! Products have passed UL CSA safety certification. In response to global environmental protection requirements, the product is working by SGS environmental protection standard forward. Model-based products to the domestic market, and value-added tax invoices and general invoices according to customer requirements. We hope to become your OEM / ODM manufacturers. In the near future, our factory has been determined to improve the overall quality of the system to the IS09001-2000 version, the size of our company will overcome the difficulties and challenges of the market, to achieve "affordable" commitment.

      Dongguan Xiangyun Connector Co., Ltd

      Tel: +86-769-85448887 / 89253355 / 85845730  Fax: +86-769-85340378  Address: No. 10, Union Road, 4th Industrial Zone, Xiagang Community, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City
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